Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Weekly Projects from SWA Architecture!

Interior Apartment

Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome back to SWA weekly top projects.  This week we have an exclusive look at a beautiful Manhattan apartment.  SWA did the interior design, architectural design and expediting for this lavish location.  Take look at the following photos, the one directly below shows a wide angle of the apartment.  A luxurious interior filled with black and whites playing off each other to give a sense of sophistication. 

Let’s now take a closer look at the counter.  See a common theme?  The white marble beautifully works with the white cabinets.

Our next photo takes a look at the other side of the apartment, with elegant sliding doors leading to another room.  Also exposed is the wine storage unit, a necessity for any apartment in Manhattan. 

Our last photo provides a brief glimpse of the bathroom.  As you can see, this apartment is the essence of beauty, encapsulating class, while providing a heightened sense of elegance.  If we do not get a post before the New Year, have a happy holiday and may great fortune come to you this New Year. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Melrose Ballroom

Welcome back to the SWA Weekly Top Project blog.  This week we are going back to a project we have been before.  Let’s take a trip to back to the Melrose Ballroom located at 36-08 33rd street in Astoria.  Scroll down our blog and you’ll see that last time we were here this place was nowhere near ready and still heavily under construction. 

Well take a look now!  The bars are set up with massive flat screens and long bars that make anyone want to party.  The space is fully furnished and just a mere couple of weeks away from popping off!  With a second floor to boot, this place will blow you away with its décor.  Get ready, because when this place opens there will be a long wait to get in. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Morini Ristorante

This week we are taking a look at two different projects currently under construction.  We will come back to them once they are complete but we would like to show you where they stand today.  If you liked the other Altamarea group restaurants that we have shown you, get ready for one more.  Located on 1167 Madison Avenue, the soon to be restaurant named Morini Ristorante will be massive.  The photo above shows the outside of Morini Ristorante, obviously not ready to be shown.  It should be coming to life in December. 

The below photo shows the second floor of this gem, which will feature a large dining area with beautiful wood walls.  This place, under SWA and Chef Michael White’s eye, will sure make a splash on the restaurant scene. 

Interior Design of an Apartment

We make a slight gear shift when looking at our second project of the week.  We are looking at an apartment that is under construction.  As you can tell, the rooms are all being put together.  Under the supervision and design of SWA, we combined two apartments into one, creating a masterful layout.  SWA also got the apartment approved and filed.  As you can see the bathrooms are a sheen marble white and will be soon complimented by the rest of the apartment.  That’s all for this week, have a happy Thanksgiving and go see some restaurants that SWA has collaborated with!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Back again and better than ever.  This week on the blog we’re doing something a little different.  We are going to run by a lot of places that collaborated with SWA Architecture and show some excellent façade shots.  We will give a brief summary of the restaurant and why you should go there. 

Let’s start off with a sweet little joint called Sweet Revenge that you can see in the picture above.  This joint is located at 63 Carmine Street in Manhattan.  If you are looking for a “sweet” place to get a bite, go there and grab a delicious cup cake. 
Next restaurant we are looking at is Café Blossom.  Located just down the street from Sweet Revenge at 41 Carmine Street.  Can’t find a great place with a great vegan menu?  No longer will you be burdened as Café Blossom has an excellent Vegan Menu.
Our last West Village place is the Victory Garden.  This place offers unique ice cream that cannot be found anywhere else in the city.  Go down the street from Café Blossom to grab some dessert at 31 Carmine street, it won’t disappoint. 
Lastly we look at Mr. Bigg’s Bar and Grill.  Go west to 596 10th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen if you want a fun happy hour and a fun time in general.  Maybe go crazy and go to all these places and make a day of it.  Stay tuned next week as we take a deep dive into an apartment we masterfully designed. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Weekly Projects

Blue Dog Café

Welcome back to SWA Architecture’s weekly top project blog.  As a refresher, this blog writes about the projects that SWA has collaborated on and gives some information on the location as well as what SWA did to help.  This week, we are looking at two cafes, Blue Dog Café, under the same owner, with the same name. 

The first location is on 308 West 50th Street.  This Blue Dog Café is in a quant location in midtown.  As you can see from the picture the façade is simplistic yet inviting.  The picture below conveys the openness of the space, with light freely entering from the large windows of the Façade.  SWA Architecture was engaged in the design and expediting for this project. 

The next Blue Dog Café we take you to is located at 155 West 56th Street.  Similarly to the other Blue Dog Café, this joint serves sandwiches and salads, homemade baked goods and smoothies with fresh fruit. 
These two midtown locations offer freshness that other coffee chains can simply not compete with.  SWA again dealt with the design and expediting.  Stay tuned for next week, we are going to take a look at some beautiful projects.  Until then.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Welcome back to SWA’s top weekly projects.  This week we are looking at the exterior of two different locations SWA has collaborated on.  The first location is a place we have seen before, Melrose Ballroom.  Previously we took a look at the inside the newly furnished ballroom.  This time we are keeping it simple and letting you look at the newly installed façade.  As you can see this place is going to be a big spot so get ready, because once it comes, you won’t want to miss it.

Our next place we are looking at is Rivergate.  Located on 401 East 34th Street, we have not written about this place before.  In the heart of midtown Rivergate is the host to an amenity of luxury apartments.  SWA is assisting them with their window replacement.  As you can tell by the photograph, a lot of work is being to the exterior.  We will have a couple more places next week so stay tuned!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Top Weekly Project!

Zona Rosa
Welcome back boys and girls we have a very unique location to present to you this weekend.  We are out of Manhattan and moving into Brooklyn.  More specifically, we are in Williamsburg at 571 Lorimer Street to see Zona Rosa, as indicated by the photograph above.  If you’re looking for a place with a nice rooftop to grab a drink and some good Mexican grub stop on over.  They have a sleek outdoor bar where they are known for using a machete to crack open coconuts for their signature drink, the Coco Loco. 
SWA Architecture turned this place from a vacant lot and designed the building.  This place is not just a rooftop stop, it also has a significant first floor that I guarantee is nothing like you have ever seen.  As you walk in, a trailer is infused into the restaurant and makes up the kitchen.  Now tell me if you have ever seen anything like that. 

As you can see from the picture below the trailer actually stick out of the façade of the restaurant.  A head turner no doubt.
Once you are in the first floor there is seating with a beautiful overhang of glass allowing you see the sky.  Romantic, I think so.  So if you want to come to a joint that has anything you need, make your way to Williamsburg, where anything can happen. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Weekly Project!


Back from our hiatus SWA will be looking into the long time standing restaurant, Rubirosa Ristorante.  Located at 235 Mulberry Street, Manhattan, this Italian masterpiece has a 53 year old thin-crust family recipe from the owner, AJ Pappalardo.  Taken from his father who ran a famous pizzeria, Joe and Pat’s pizzeria.  Along with this heavenly family recipe, Chef Al DiMeglio put’s a unique spin on Italian-American cuisine with fresh pasta made daily.  In addition, as can be seen by the picture below, there is a lavish bar headed by General Manager/Wine Director Bari Musacchio.  Musacchio and his bar staff offers a select wine and cocktail program
SWA collaborated with Rubirosa, providing an atmosphere that is open to any occasion, from a large group looking to chow down or a young couple looking for an intimate setting.  This is made pretty obvious by the picture below.
Lastly, the final picture illustrates the back area of the restaurant.  You can see the famous pizza being made right in front of your eyes.  I have been here before and I have to say if you are in Little Italy, make this place a priority.  We’ll be back next weekend with more projects and more stories.  Until then.   


Friday, August 16, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Melrose Ballroom

We took a brief hiatus from our weekly blog but now we’re back and better than ever!  This week we are at 36-08 33rd Street to view the construction of the Melrose Ballroom.  You can see by the picture above that this place still has some time to go before it is up and feeding the audience with music.  What is also visible are the massive speakers and amplifiers hanging from the ceiling; hearing the music will not be an issue. 
SWA is the architect involved in the overall massive project that this is.  From coordination of design, all the way through the approval process of getting this joint permitted with public assembly designs.  In non-architectural terms, we are doing mostly everything to get this place up and going on the design side. 

The photos above and below show the space from the back looking toward the entrance.  What is clear is the balcony that will liven the place up, providing an ambiance worthy of a ballroom.  We will come back to this place and provide up to date entries on the progress.  So when this establishment opens up, you’ll be the first to know.  You won’t want to miss it.   


Friday, July 26, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!


Our first stop on this week is at a well-established pizzeria, Lombardi’s.  Originally opened in 1897 at 53 Spring Street, Lombardi’s now resides at 32 Spring Street.  People come for the charm, and come back for the delicious smoky-crusted pizza.  This flat style pizza will make you feel as though you are eating in in a piazza in Italy. 
SWA is responsible for helping with the redesign of the first floor layout.  The first floor is available for view below.  SWA also helped Lombardi’s by obtaining a Public Assembly permit and C.O. for the sides of the store.  If you are coming to visit or you just have never heard of this joint before, go reserve a table and make another reservation for the next day, you’ll be going back.   
La Mela Ristorante
Our next restaurant we are hitting up is La Mela Ristorante.  Located on 167 Mulberry Street, it is a classic Italian cuisine.  Opened twenty-five years ago, La Mela is now a homestay in New York’s Little Italy.  It is an enormous space, able to accommodate a large party.  But, it has rooms that are smaller to give that intimate Italian feel as can be seen by the photo below.  La Mela can seat groups from 5 to 400.  SWA designed the 171 Mulberry restaurant, and in addition obtained a C.O. and PA for all the remaining stores. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Top Weekly Project!


Welcome back to SWA’s project of the week blog.  This week we are looking at EVR NYC.  Located at 54 West 39th Street, in Manhattan’s Empire District, this lounge is a must go if you are in New York City.  The picture above was taken from the second floor giving a view of the grandiose bar that takes up almost the entirety of the first floor.  Also in this 5,000 square foot join is a DJ booth is visible in the right of this photograph.  So if you want a delicious drink and to dance off the calories afterward, EVR is the spot to go.

SWA worked with the designer to successfully design and obtain all the approvals for this place to be legal under New York City code.  But moving back to the photographs, the photo below shows part of the second floor.  If you want a more intimate setting EVR provides it with a smaller bar and couches spread all over the upper floor.  The artwork adorning the second floor brings a sense of class that is second to none.  You won’t be as bothered up here to get a drink from in-house mixologist Oroson Salicetti on this floor.  So just in case you did not get it from what was written, EVR is the hot spot that you thought only existed downtown.         

Friday, July 12, 2013

Top Weekly Project!

 The Butterfly

We are back with another Altamarea group restaurant.  You got a sneak peak a couple weeks ago of this new restaurant, and now The Butterfly, located on 225 West Broadway, has opened its doors to the public with the help of SWA.  We only have a couple photos to share, but the one above illustrates a beautiful interior highlighted with a beautiful green/yellow booth and artwork surrounding the restaurant, giving a high sense of sophistication.  The photograph below shows the bar where renowned mixologist Eben Freemen has featured cocktails.  Come for the drinks, or come for famous chef Michael White’s food.  Either way you’ll have a great time, so get there soon.   

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!


What we are looking at here is an apartment by SWA.  This is a Manhattan based project that as you can see, came out extremely well.  The first picture you see before you a view of the space from the window side.  Right off the bat your hit with a great open area brilliantly illuminated by natural light from the window behind.  Coming into view on the left is a stair.  Below you can see the stair from an opposite angle. 

The last picture shows the apartment from the opposite angle, giving view to the windows.  The picture also allows you to see the kitchen with a wide open ambiance with a cleverly chosen brick wall to compliment the apartments delightfully.  One of the more elegant spaces SWA has done, our customer was highly satisfied with SWA’s work on this project. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

399 Park Avenue

What we are looking at in the picture above is a restaurant/take out place in the making at 399 Park Avenue in Manhattan.  With the help of SWA, this place will be coming soon from the group that brought you Blue Dog Café.  Not much information is available on this location but when this place is up and running this blog will be the first to bring you the finished product.  Stay tuned for next week’s projects, all done by SWA Architecture, PLLC. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

What’s a week without talking about a restaurant by Chef Michael White?  We are back to Costata, but this time we get a view of the inside.  We last wrote about this restaurant when it was opening.  Now it has been open for approximately five weeks, and business could not be better.  The restaurant consists of three floors, the first and second being for regular dining and the third floor is for private dining. 

Our first picture shows the first floor.  Right off the bat you get hit with beautiful art and an ambiance that suggests sophistication.  In the photo below, you can view a bar that is on your left as you walk into the first floor.  Together the restaurant hits a class that most other restaurants strive to reach. 
2nd Floor

As we move to the second floor it is more like the first with the art work and red theme that goes throughout the restaurant.  Also like the first floor, there is a bar with an open area to have a cocktail or two.  Also on display is the large wine closet, as can be seen by the image below.

If you live in Manhattan, take a stroll downtown and check out Costata, you will be in for a fine evening of dining.