Friday, January 10, 2014

Top Weekly Project

Don Pepi Pizza

This week we are taking a look at an old project from twenty years ago.  Our Principal Architect and Owner of the company, Steve Wygoda, was the architect on this gem when he was a young lad.  This pizza place, named Don Pepi Pizza, is located right in the famous Penn Station.  Go to the Amtrak level and you cannot miss the bright lights of Don Pepi.  Take a peek at the pictures and get some Pizza.  Stay tuned for next week where we will get some spectacular interiors. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top Weekly Project!

Ristorante Morini

Hey everybody I hope your holidays went fantastically.  Now let’s bring hopefully the best year of our lives to a start.  Let’s begin this year with a bang by showing you an Altamarea Group Restaurant, there seventh in Manhattan, which sure is opening up with a bang.  I am of course speaking of Ristorante Morini.  Another extravagant restaurant with famous chef, Chef Michael White.  You can find this place in the Upper East Side, located on Madison Avenue.  For some good Italian cuisine, I highly recommend making this upscale restaurant a stop.

Waiting to be seated?  Take a look at the extensive wine program and grab yourself a drink.  As you can tell by the photograph above, the bar on the first floor offers a plethora of wine to choose from.  Want more of a cocktail?  No problem.  There is a cocktail list featured that is a can’t miss with any drink. 

Our next picture shows us a different view of the first floor.  Surrounding the bar are elegant tables ready for you and your family to sit down in.  The photograph below gets a full view of the first floor and displays the light fixtures that are unique to this restaurant.

Lastly for the first floor, we take a look down the stair to convey the stylish stairwell that leads you to the first floor.
Let’s make our way to the second floor, this area is the main dining area.  As you can see, the second floor provides a rather large space to play host to any size party.  The light fixtures line the area making a cozy and romantic evening for a date. 

Our last photograph for this week takes a look at another area on the second floor.  Notice the art that lines the walls, giving the essence of sophistication that can always be found with Altamarea Group restaurants.  Valentine’s Day is coming up gents, if you want to come to this place make a reservation soon, it might already be booked up!  Well I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year, we’ll be back next week!