Thursday, March 30, 2017


Welcome back to SWA Architectures blog.  In case this is your first time looking at our amazing blog let me explain the basics.  SWA Architecture designs so many different buildings, apartments, restaurants etc. that we thought why not share with the world our great structures.  This week we are looking at an apartment that was recently finished with the design of SWA Architecture.

Here is a quick rundown of what SWA Architecture did to make this masterpiece.  The apartment was an empty loft when we first started on this project.  SWA Architecture made the space into a two bedroom apartment with an amazing new kitchen and of course an amazing master bathroom.  

Needless to say this apartment came out beautiful and the owner always lets us hear indeed how magnificent it is.  There will be more to come so stay tuned for SWA Architectures next blog post!

Zona Rosa

Hello and welcome to SWA Architectures blog where we talk about the different projects SWA Architecture has worked on all over New York City.  They vary from apartments, to restaurants, to sidewalk cafes, to even hotels.  On this blog post we are going to examine a very tasty restaurant In Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  This restaurant is of course Zona Rosa.

This vacant lot used to only have a food trailer.  People would walk up and order from the window.  SWA Architecture helped created what you see before you now.  SWA designed an entire restaurant around the trailer which is still the kitchen!  Talk about using everything that you have.

SWA first just designed a first floor but then SWA founder and boss, Steve Wygoda, decided that they could do a flat roof and have dining up there as well.  Innovative and economical, who doesn't want that.  Take a look above to see the second floor. 

The store is owned by Jorge Boetto.  This is his second restaurant, his first one is just around the corner on Grand Street, Mesa Coyocan.  I think based off what you saw here the next time you are in Williamsburg make Zona Rosa the spot to go to!