Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Weekly Projects from SWA Architecture!

Interior Apartment

Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome back to SWA weekly top projects.  This week we have an exclusive look at a beautiful Manhattan apartment.  SWA did the interior design, architectural design and expediting for this lavish location.  Take look at the following photos, the one directly below shows a wide angle of the apartment.  A luxurious interior filled with black and whites playing off each other to give a sense of sophistication. 

Let’s now take a closer look at the counter.  See a common theme?  The white marble beautifully works with the white cabinets.

Our next photo takes a look at the other side of the apartment, with elegant sliding doors leading to another room.  Also exposed is the wine storage unit, a necessity for any apartment in Manhattan. 

Our last photo provides a brief glimpse of the bathroom.  As you can see, this apartment is the essence of beauty, encapsulating class, while providing a heightened sense of elegance.  If we do not get a post before the New Year, have a happy holiday and may great fortune come to you this New Year. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Melrose Ballroom

Welcome back to the SWA Weekly Top Project blog.  This week we are going back to a project we have been before.  Let’s take a trip to back to the Melrose Ballroom located at 36-08 33rd street in Astoria.  Scroll down our blog and you’ll see that last time we were here this place was nowhere near ready and still heavily under construction. 

Well take a look now!  The bars are set up with massive flat screens and long bars that make anyone want to party.  The space is fully furnished and just a mere couple of weeks away from popping off!  With a second floor to boot, this place will blow you away with its décor.  Get ready, because when this place opens there will be a long wait to get in.