Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corigin Group

After a brief hiatus we are back with the weekly blog from SWA Architecture.  This week we are looking at two projects from the same client, Corigin Group.  Corigin is a private holding company specializing in real estate and private equity investments.  Corigin is based in New York and with a focus on real estate, it’s easy to see why Corigin and SWA Architecture make a good partnership.  In the coming weeks we will show you the various other projects that we have with Corigin.  One of the projects being shown today is complete and the other is still under construction on its way to being completed. 

The first one we’ll show you is located on the Lower East Side at the intersection of Bowery and Bond.  SWA is responsible for the design of the cellar space that is privy to the NYU students who live in the housing complex above.  As you can see by the lovely pictures, the cellar has a study area, and a rec area available to the students.  

 Now let’s take a look at the other location, 44 Trinity Place.  This place, as you can tell, is not close to being livable yet.  On the 1st floor, we are looking at a commercial space.  When we are looking at the 3rd floor we are seeing a future first class apartment.  We’ll come back to these spots when they are more fully developed and give you a good feel for them.  Don’t worry, we will be back next week with some fresh new projects to see.