Monday, August 28, 2017

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog Post

Hello and welcome back the SWA Architecture Weekly Blog Post, where we take an in-depth look at various restaurants, hotels, apartments that SWA Architecture has worked on.  This week we are sticking with our kosher restaurant theme.  Take a look hat UN Plaza Grill.

This high end kosher restaurant is a must stop if you are in the area.  Located at 845 United Nations Plaza, it's a great stop before checking out the United Nations.  Prior to UN Plaza Grill this location was a Sushi restaurant named Megu.  It shut down and these owners took over and turned it into what we see today.

SWA Architecture is responsible for the public assembly layout and seating layout.  We are also responsible for the expediting on this project.

As you can see from the pictures, this is one spot you don't want to miss.  That's it for this week's post, stay tuned next week for our last kosher restaurant.  You won't want to miss it.  Also, if you haven't already, follow us on instagram - @swa_architecure

Thursday, August 17, 2017

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog Post

Hello and welcome back to the SWA Architecture weekly blog post.  Quick refresher on what this blog is if this is your first time reading it - this blog is a weekly insight into the projects that SWA Architecture has worked on over the past years.  For the next couple of posts we are taking a deep dive into various kosher restaurants.  This week we are looking at Wall Street Grill.

This will be the newest kosher restaurant in New York City.  The owners are previous operators of several other kosher establishments.

In the heart of the Wall Street Financial District, this spot will cater to the locals and also be a destination location for people all over the city.  As you can see above this fine kosher restaurant will also have a rooftop to add to the dining experience.

SWA Architecture is the architect, designer and expediter for their newest restaurant project.  As you can tell by the photos and renderings this project is far from completion.  But lets start counting the days until this opens because its going to be one heck of a spot.  Thats it this week for the SWA Architecture blog, stay tuned for our next kosher restaurant.  Also take a look at our instagram if you haven't already - @swa_architecture

Monday, August 7, 2017

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog Post

Hello and welcome back to SWA Architecture's weekly blog post.  If this is your first time seeing this blog post let me tell you what we are all about.  We like to show you the projects that SWA Architecture has been a part of either as the architect or expeditor.  This week we have a very special place to show you.

Take a look at The Blue Note, one of the most famous jazz joints in the world.  The Blue Note has been around since 1981, and since its inception it has been a cultural icon in Greenwich Village.  The Blue Note's mission was to treat jazz musicians with respect while allowing patrons to view some of the greatest jazz musicians in the world.  Let me say, mission accomplished!

SWA Architecture is proud to be the architect and expeditor of this marvelous location.  SWA developed several seating layouts and legalized the Place of Assembly permits required for this place to seat all of its lovely guests.

If you want to go out on a nice date, or just see some great jazz,  make The Blue Note the destination of choice.  That's it for this blog post, hope you enjoyed the tour.  Stay tuned for next week where we may come and take a look at some projects that we have previously looked at to get an update on their completion.