Friday, February 14, 2020

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog

Hello and welcome to an all new fresh bonus post from SWA Architecture.  A Friday rolling special.  If you missed our first post this week go check it out.  We covered a beautiful skyscraper on Delancey street.  This week we are updating you on Corepower Yoga.

We last saw Corepower Yoga in early November when it was still under construction.  This time it is up and running.  Need a great stretch and to workout a little?  Corepower Yoga at 29 w 30th Street is your spot!

As you can tell by the photos this is a pristine, beautiful yoga spot and a must go if you live in the area.  SWA Architecture are responsible for the architects, designers and expediters for this spot.  Go back and check out the progression from when we started this project to now!

That's it for this special Friday rolling SWA Architecture bonus post!  Stay tuned for next week when we got some great projects coming your way!  As always, give us a follow on instagram - @swa_architecture to see all the wonderful projects we have been a part of.

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