Friday, July 26, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!


Our first stop on this week is at a well-established pizzeria, Lombardi’s.  Originally opened in 1897 at 53 Spring Street, Lombardi’s now resides at 32 Spring Street.  People come for the charm, and come back for the delicious smoky-crusted pizza.  This flat style pizza will make you feel as though you are eating in in a piazza in Italy. 
SWA is responsible for helping with the redesign of the first floor layout.  The first floor is available for view below.  SWA also helped Lombardi’s by obtaining a Public Assembly permit and C.O. for the sides of the store.  If you are coming to visit or you just have never heard of this joint before, go reserve a table and make another reservation for the next day, you’ll be going back.   
La Mela Ristorante
Our next restaurant we are hitting up is La Mela Ristorante.  Located on 167 Mulberry Street, it is a classic Italian cuisine.  Opened twenty-five years ago, La Mela is now a homestay in New York’s Little Italy.  It is an enormous space, able to accommodate a large party.  But, it has rooms that are smaller to give that intimate Italian feel as can be seen by the photo below.  La Mela can seat groups from 5 to 400.  SWA designed the 171 Mulberry restaurant, and in addition obtained a C.O. and PA for all the remaining stores. 

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