Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

Morini Ristorante

This week we are taking a look at two different projects currently under construction.  We will come back to them once they are complete but we would like to show you where they stand today.  If you liked the other Altamarea group restaurants that we have shown you, get ready for one more.  Located on 1167 Madison Avenue, the soon to be restaurant named Morini Ristorante will be massive.  The photo above shows the outside of Morini Ristorante, obviously not ready to be shown.  It should be coming to life in December. 

The below photo shows the second floor of this gem, which will feature a large dining area with beautiful wood walls.  This place, under SWA and Chef Michael White’s eye, will sure make a splash on the restaurant scene. 

Interior Design of an Apartment

We make a slight gear shift when looking at our second project of the week.  We are looking at an apartment that is under construction.  As you can tell, the rooms are all being put together.  Under the supervision and design of SWA, we combined two apartments into one, creating a masterful layout.  SWA also got the apartment approved and filed.  As you can see the bathrooms are a sheen marble white and will be soon complimented by the rest of the apartment.  That’s all for this week, have a happy Thanksgiving and go see some restaurants that SWA has collaborated with!

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