Friday, December 20, 2013

Top Weekly Projects from SWA Architecture!

Interior Apartment

Hello ladies and gentleman, welcome back to SWA weekly top projects.  This week we have an exclusive look at a beautiful Manhattan apartment.  SWA did the interior design, architectural design and expediting for this lavish location.  Take look at the following photos, the one directly below shows a wide angle of the apartment.  A luxurious interior filled with black and whites playing off each other to give a sense of sophistication. 

Let’s now take a closer look at the counter.  See a common theme?  The white marble beautifully works with the white cabinets.

Our next photo takes a look at the other side of the apartment, with elegant sliding doors leading to another room.  Also exposed is the wine storage unit, a necessity for any apartment in Manhattan. 

Our last photo provides a brief glimpse of the bathroom.  As you can see, this apartment is the essence of beauty, encapsulating class, while providing a heightened sense of elegance.  If we do not get a post before the New Year, have a happy holiday and may great fortune come to you this New Year. 

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