Monday, June 5, 2017

Top Weekly Projects from SWA Architecture

Hello and welcome back to the weekly blog posts from SWA Architecture.  We are proud to show you this week's selected project, Arby's.  That's right, this week we're all thinking Arby's.  One of our most esteemed clients we're proud to show this project.

This project shown throughout the post is located in Manhattan near Madison Park, a busy part of the city.  We have pictures of the project before SWA Architecture got involved and after we did.  SWA were the architects and expediters.  This is Arby's second location in Manhattan.  SWA has converted two stores in Arby's and added a mezzanine in the rear of this project to increase the seating capacity.

Well thats all for this week.  I am most certainly thinking Arby's and may have to stop by one today.  Stay tuned for more posts to come! 

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