Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SWA Architecture Bonus Post

Hello and welcome to a bonus post from SWA Architecture.  You read that right, a bonus post where we will take a look at yet another project SWA has worked on.  This week we take a look at an exquisite penthouse.

This is an SWA Architecture design and permitting project.  Attached are some photos and renderings of this beautiful projects.  This project is also one of the original loft buildings in New York City.  In fact, our client was one of the pioneers in enacting the loft law now practiced in New York City.

SWA Architecture designed a roof access stair and penthouse for this spot.  We also modified the interior space of the loft.  On a side note, our fondest memory of this project is our client's dog who has since passed, her name was Stella.  She will always be in our hearts.

That's it for this exclusive bonus post.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Take a follow on instagram if you haven't already - @swa_architecture

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