Friday, February 2, 2018

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog Post

Hello and welcome back to another post from the SWA Architecture weekly blog post.  This week we take our attention to a wonderful restaurant Il Cantinori. 

Located at 32 E 10th st, this famous restaurant is a staple of New York City.  Little background on Il Cantinori, it opened in 1983, and has been at the forefront of Tuscan cuisine in New York City ever since.  The original chef (Antonio Cinardi) is still at the helm and cooking up delicious Italian dishes. 

SWA Architecture are the architects, designers and expeditors for the renovation of the entire building including Il Cantinori.  As you can see by the floor plans SWA Architecture is responlible for the residential units found above this beautiful restaurant.

That’s it this week for the SWA Architecture weekly blog post.  Stay tuned for a possible bonus post coming later from another spot from the same owners of Il Cantinori.  I know the anticipation is killing you.  Also give us a follow on Instagram – swa_architecture where you can see a bunch of photos of different projects we have worked on. 

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