Friday, January 11, 2019

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog

Hello and welcome back to a special bonus post from the SWA Architecture weekly blog.  If you missed our last blog check it out, we did a deep dive into a new exclusive residential building on Delancey Street.

This bonus post is here to give an updated look at 4 St. Marks.  Famously known as the Hamilton House, constructed in 1833, it was due for a bit of an upgrade.  It was designated to a landmark building in 2004.  This is our fifth time looking at this place.  Last time we saw this place it was still in construction and had scaffolding blocking any view of the building.  As you can see from the photos, the building is in clear view and everything is almost finished.

SWA Architecture are the architects, designers, expediters and landmark applicants for this building.  We have two floors for retail, a rear addition, we inserted a new residential floor in the rear 6 (total apartments), a curved balcony at parlor level, and a complete restoration of the facade including brick work, stone work, windows, doors and slate roof.

Next time we take a look at this place it will be up and running.  We are very excited!  That's it for this weeks bonus post.  Stay tuned next week for some new and cool projects coming your way.  Don't forget to give us a follow on instagram - @swa_architecture to see all the projects we have worked on.

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