Tuesday, August 6, 2019

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog

Hello and welcome back to the one and only SWA Architecture blog.  The blog like no other where we take an in-depth view for projects that SWA Architecture has been a part of.  Usually, we like to keep it to one project, where we show you what the spot is and what we did to help get it up and running.  This week we are going to change it up a bit.

We have four spots to show you this week.  We have shown you these spots before but we want to highlight some special commonalities between them.  They are all Landmarked buildings.  A building is landmarked where there is historical significance.  These buildings are preserved for being some treasures.

As you can tell by the photos, not all projects are from the same time period.  Each picture shows the facade and a special quality they bring.  The locations are labelled and if you want to learn more about each specific one take a look back through our blogs where we went into great detail.

That's it for this weeks SWA Architecture Weekly blog.  Stay tuned for a bonus post to come your way later this week.  Also, if you haven't followed us on instagram - @swa_architecture get yourself together and go give us a follow!  We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did.

 4 West 19th Street

12 w 19th Street

4 St Marks

48 Crosby

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