Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

SWA Architecture is proudly introducing our weekly blog post of projects.  These weekly posts will have work that SWA has done recently and show pictures of these recently completed projects with a brief synopsis on what the place is and how SWA was involved.  Hope you enjoy!



SWA Architecture is starting off with Nicolleta, one of the restaurants under the Restaurant group Altmarea Group.  Headed by famous Chef Michael White, Nicoletta on 160 2nd Avenue, Manhattan demonstrates his wide range as a chef by creating pies in an open Kitchen.  SWA Architecture, under Steve Wygoda, designed the interior to allow a beautiful ambiance only matched by the signs and awnings also done by SWA Architecture.  Together this has become a hot bed for Pizza.

The Bean

Going onto a different type of project, SWA Architecture has also recently joined up with The Bean on 824 Broadway.  This is one of many Beans that we have worked on and the experience shows.  As can be seen by the picture, SWA renovated the first floor to allow an indelible coziness to consume the average coffee enjoyer.  With a large amount of light shining through, The Bean has become a nice location for a New Yorker to stop in get some coffee. 

Next week we will show some other types of places, residences and high class restaurants.  Do not hesitate to contact SWA Architecture, PLLC by emailing

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