Thursday, April 25, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!


One of the more notable projects that SWA Architecture has worked on is Iridium.  Located at 1650 Broadway in Manhattan, this joint is known for their legendary stars they bring in to perform.  As the photograph illustrates, there is a pronounced stage with an intimate setting allowing the performer to really connect with the audience. 

SWA Architecture collaborated with Iridium to make it what it is today.  SWA found a strategic way to fill up the place to maximum capacity under New York City Jurisdictional Agency code.  Iridium, with the help of SWA, is now using their space to capacity and are taking advantage of it.  If you have the chance, go see a show at Iridium and see what it is all about.  

Rudy's Bar

Looking at the picture you can tell what legendary bar we are talking about.  Of course we are talking about Rudy’s Bar.  Known for its great ambiance Rudy’s is a must-go for drinks if you are in New York City.  SWA Architecture helped legalize their backyard, and get their space to be as groovy as it is.  Rudy’s is located at 627 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen.

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