Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top Weekly Projects

120 West 21st St

No pun intended, but we at SWA topped ourselves with the rooftop design at 120 West 21st Street in Chelsea.  As the photo illustrates, the project is still undergoing construction but soon will be a beautiful addition for all residents.  With a clear view of both the freedom tower and empire state building, this building would be a nice place for anyone to reside at.


One of our premiere clients has just opened up a restaurant and if you haven’t been there yet I have one question for you.  When are we going?  From Altamarea Group, with famous celebrity chef Michael White, comes there fifth Manhattan restaurant.  Located in New York’s SoHo neighborhood at 206 Spring Street, Chef Michael White brings a twist as he always does to classic dining.

Costata caters to all meat lovers, providing excellent aged dry meat.  Costata means rib eye in Italian, so this steak house will bring the flavor to the table.  You can make your own course, with delicious house made pastas on the side.  Make your reservation quick because this place will be heating up in no time.

The Butterfly

Lastly, we have another Altamarea Group restaurant on the way.  This will be the sixth Manhattan restaurant from the ever growing group, and as you can see by the picture, Butterfly still has a ways to go.  But don’t be fooled start planning ahead because like all Michael White joints, this place will book up quick.  Teaming up with a mixologist, this place will provide more of a bar atmosphere then Altamarea groups previous restaurants.  Swinging high in Tribeca, Michael will show his array of talents as he steps away from his Italian focus and provides American bar classics.  It cannot open up soon enough!

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