Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Weekly Projects!

What’s a week without talking about a restaurant by Chef Michael White?  We are back to Costata, but this time we get a view of the inside.  We last wrote about this restaurant when it was opening.  Now it has been open for approximately five weeks, and business could not be better.  The restaurant consists of three floors, the first and second being for regular dining and the third floor is for private dining. 

Our first picture shows the first floor.  Right off the bat you get hit with beautiful art and an ambiance that suggests sophistication.  In the photo below, you can view a bar that is on your left as you walk into the first floor.  Together the restaurant hits a class that most other restaurants strive to reach. 
2nd Floor

As we move to the second floor it is more like the first with the art work and red theme that goes throughout the restaurant.  Also like the first floor, there is a bar with an open area to have a cocktail or two.  Also on display is the large wine closet, as can be seen by the image below.

If you live in Manhattan, take a stroll downtown and check out Costata, you will be in for a fine evening of dining. 

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