Friday, September 13, 2013

Top Weekly Project!


Back from our hiatus SWA will be looking into the long time standing restaurant, Rubirosa Ristorante.  Located at 235 Mulberry Street, Manhattan, this Italian masterpiece has a 53 year old thin-crust family recipe from the owner, AJ Pappalardo.  Taken from his father who ran a famous pizzeria, Joe and Pat’s pizzeria.  Along with this heavenly family recipe, Chef Al DiMeglio put’s a unique spin on Italian-American cuisine with fresh pasta made daily.  In addition, as can be seen by the picture below, there is a lavish bar headed by General Manager/Wine Director Bari Musacchio.  Musacchio and his bar staff offers a select wine and cocktail program
SWA collaborated with Rubirosa, providing an atmosphere that is open to any occasion, from a large group looking to chow down or a young couple looking for an intimate setting.  This is made pretty obvious by the picture below.
Lastly, the final picture illustrates the back area of the restaurant.  You can see the famous pizza being made right in front of your eyes.  I have been here before and I have to say if you are in Little Italy, make this place a priority.  We’ll be back next weekend with more projects and more stories.  Until then.   


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