Friday, September 20, 2013

Top Weekly Project!

Zona Rosa
Welcome back boys and girls we have a very unique location to present to you this weekend.  We are out of Manhattan and moving into Brooklyn.  More specifically, we are in Williamsburg at 571 Lorimer Street to see Zona Rosa, as indicated by the photograph above.  If you’re looking for a place with a nice rooftop to grab a drink and some good Mexican grub stop on over.  They have a sleek outdoor bar where they are known for using a machete to crack open coconuts for their signature drink, the Coco Loco. 
SWA Architecture turned this place from a vacant lot and designed the building.  This place is not just a rooftop stop, it also has a significant first floor that I guarantee is nothing like you have ever seen.  As you walk in, a trailer is infused into the restaurant and makes up the kitchen.  Now tell me if you have ever seen anything like that. 

As you can see from the picture below the trailer actually stick out of the façade of the restaurant.  A head turner no doubt.
Once you are in the first floor there is seating with a beautiful overhang of glass allowing you see the sky.  Romantic, I think so.  So if you want to come to a joint that has anything you need, make your way to Williamsburg, where anything can happen. 

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