Wednesday, September 4, 2019

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog

Hello and welcome back to an all new SWA Architecture weekly blog coming your way.  For all you first timers here is what we do here.  This blog covers all the diverse projects we have been a part of. SWA Architecture is a mid sized architecture firm based out of Manhattan.

La Mela

This week we are going to change it up a bit and show you some projects that we have worked on with a common theme.  That theme, is Little Italy.  This week will Little Italy week, where all the projects shown this week are located in the heart of Little Italy.  This post we take a look at the wonderful restaurants, La Mela and Rubirosa.  Both are dynamite restaurants, La Mela is located at 167 Mulberry Street and Rubirosa 235 Mulberry street.  They are in walking distance of each other so might as well hit both on day!


For La Mela, SWA are the architects, designers and expediters.  For Rubirosa, it is slightly more complicated.  We were architects, designers and expediters for the previous restaurant, American Grill and  have done 3 projects for the previous owner.  When the new owner bought the space that is now known as Rubirosa, we redesigned it to what it is today.  If you go there at lunchtime, don't be surprised to see a celebrity!

That's it for this week's SWA Architecture weekly blog.  Stay tuned later this week when we continue the Little Italy week with some gems to come your way.  Give us a follow on instagram - @swa_archtiecture to see all the wonderful projects we have worked on.

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