Friday, August 3, 2018

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog Post

Hello and welcome back to the SWA Architecture Weekly blog post.  The blog where we give you the reader a chance to see some beautiful projects in the Tri-State area.  For the next couple of posts we are going to look at a restaurant team, the Lusardi brothers, Mauro and Luigi, that has put over ten wonderful restaurants all over the city.

Let's start off with one of their first restaurants that they put up, Lusardi's.  Located at 1494 2nd avenue, this spot is a gem in the Upper East Side.  Lusardi's opened up in 1982 and is a staple for patrons who enjoy warm, gracious service in elegant surroundings.  The menu, skillfully executed by Chef Caludio Meneghini, features a divers selection of traditional Northern Italian dishes, combining modern cuisine with both regional and rustic accents.  Claudio offers a unique and cultured expertise with game and wild mushrooms.

SWA Architecture has worked with the Lusardi brothers for over twenty years, making them one of our oldest clients.  We have done various projects with them and will show you them in the forthcoming weeks.  For Lusardi's, SWA are the architects an expediters for the interior renovations and Public Assembly.

That's it this week for the SWA Architecture Weekly blog post.  Stay tuned for more to come from these owners.  As you can tell from the pictures the restaurant looks amazing.  Also, don't forget to give us a follow on instagram - @swa_architecture

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