Friday, August 24, 2018

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog

Hello and welcome back to the SWA Architecture weekly blog.  The blog where we show you some beautiful spots SWA Architecture has been a part of.  Today we bring you a special bonus post examining another Lusardi brother restaurant.  This week we take a look Henry's.

Henry's is located in the upper west side at 2745 Broadway at 105th Street.  Henry's is the restaurant that one of New York's greatest neighborhoods deserves.  We serve an extensive menu of contemporary America bistro food for lunch, brunch, dinner and late night.  The bar offers an all-American wine program based on the discovery of delves wines at accessible prices.

SWA Architecture are the architects and expeditors for the interior renovation and public assembly.  We are very proud of this place.  That's it for all the Lusardi Brother projects.  SWA has loved to work with them for the past twenty years.  If you haven't seen all their projects take a look at previous weeks and get a sense of all the wonderful restaurants they bring to Manhattan.

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