Monday, August 6, 2018

SWA Architecture Weekly Blog post

Hello and welcome back to the SWA Architecture weekly blog.  The blog where we take a look at projects that SWA Architecture has had the pleasure to be a part of.  This post will be no different.  If you didn't see our post last week, take a look because it was the start of a bunch of projects from the Lusardi brothers.  Last week we looked at Lusardi's, one of their first restaurants.  This week we take a look at Due, another fantastic restaurant of theirs.

Due is a casually elegant, comfortable and cozy Italian restaurant located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan at 1396 3rd Avenue between E 79th and E 80th Street.  No matter what your mood is, Due's menu has something to offer.  Like Lusardi's, it is quite the gem and is a go to spot for Italian food.

Due was originally designed by the famous architect Charles Gwathmey.  A well known architect based in New York City, Gwathmey is most notable work is his famous design of the 1992 renovations of Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum.  SWA Architecture has come in did some minor modifications to the front of the to the restaurant.

That's it this week for the SWA Architecture weekly blog.  Stay tuned for a possible bonus post to come this week covering another restaurant from the Lusardi brothers.  Give us a follow on instagram if you haven't - @swa_architecture

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